Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reports from the Front.

Hello? *tap tap* Is this thing on?

Oh hello there, Minion Tareshen reporting in from the front, and by front, I mean parked by my mailbox, stalking the mailman.

Since I'm watching my mailbox like a hawk and totally neglecting things like housework, feeding the ravening hordes, and on occasion, showering, I've had some time to think. Which leads me to two main thoughts :

1.) Where is my yarn? I mean, seriously. I've paid for it and now I'm being stood up? Someone hold me while I go and publicly post my angst.

2.) What is the theme for this go around? What Showcase of Strumpets will be inflicted on us this time? Since I'm sure you're all just as curious as I am, let's make a deal. You give me your best guess here in the comments and then I'll use the Random Number Generator and a couple of your lucky hoars might get a prize. Or we just might play this true Mean Girls style and send everyone else BUT the 'lucky hoars' something special. Just how lucky do you feel? And right or wrong is not the issue here, gals.

So send us your guesses and give me something to do besides eyeball the mailman. He's getting nervous.

**Psssssssssst. Don't forget, sign-ups are over May 31st. Just a few spots left, so get going!!!**

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just a quicky note to let you all know that there are only a couple of spots left for MGYC, Episode 2: The Mean Girls Strike Back. Membership will close on Monday, May 31, so hurry to secure your spot!