Thursday, December 9, 2010

November's Child Is Full of Woe

Especially if she lived in Salem, Massachusetts at either time when these 3 hoars were on the prowl!

HocusPocus Card Art2

Poor, misunderstood, misrepresented Sanderson sisters. Winnifred, Sarah & Mary aren't evil, they were just cast in a bad light. Who among us hasn't (from time to time) wanted to seal mens' mouths shut just to stem the flow of vitriol that spews forth from them? How many times have we wished it were possible to siphon off just a fraction of kid's energy for our own use, or that it were legal to tranquilize our children just to have 5 minutes of uninterrupted peace? No one? Just me? Ha! So what if they rose from the dead? Details, schmetails!

Whatever your take on their situation, the Sanderson Sisters do make the most excellent Mean Girls and they're the inspiration for this installment of the MGYC.

Run Amok Loot

The yarn is Dizzy Blonde Studios Superwash Sock and was inspired by the dominant color representing each of the sisters. Winnefred - green, Sarah - Orchid and Mary - Coral, all wound up in 560 yards/100+grams of superwash merino fingering yarny goodness.

Run Amok Close

Run Amok extra

Our amazing and appropriate stitch saver comes from Ruth, aka 5elementknitr. No self-respecting hoar would be without this wicked-genius little gadget. I now have 4. If you don't have that many, you should. The rule of thumb is that you need one for every knitting bag you own (no matter if it contains a project or not) plus one extra, you know, just in case. Go buy more now.

Run Amok noms

And check out these noms! Cat and skull-shaped hand made milk, dark & white chocolate lollies. Yes, I made extra. And no. You can't have any.

Run Amok Card
This card, along with the pumpkin, Halloween-inspired stitch marker says it all.

Gotta believe in a little hocus pocus!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shoe Hoar


Now let me ask you this: If some little twit came along and yoinked the shoes you've been coveting for decades, wouldn't YOU be a little pissed? Thought so! Now you might have a better understanding of where our September Mean Girl is coming from.

First her sister hoards them for like, forever, then right at the moment of acquisition, they go scampering off to that little Dorothy chit. It's enough to put anyone in a bad mood...perhaps even turn them a bit WICKED! Who'd blame her? Let me rephrase that...who'd DARE blame her? Instead, let's just admire her for her restraint and fortitude, and look to her for inspiration in our own wicketude, hmmmm? It's safer that way, trust me!

WWW and monkey

This is 400-ish yards of Wicked Witch/Flying Butt Monkey-inspired Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend and comes from the twisted mind of Anne Marie MacKay aka The Chicks with Sticks of ColourPlay Fibers (I couldn't be arsed enough to troll the interwebs for the web page, so once I do find it, I'll edit it...maybe, besides, the Canadian spelling of color is making my head squish out my ears).

Totally Wicked Close

In the meantime, you CAN find more of Anne Marie's luscious stuff at Sprouty25 (etsy) & The Chick With Sticks (artfire). Wanna see the rest of the loot? First one to say "dumb question" gets their teeth handed to them in a basket.

Totally Wicked Loot
Clockwise from the top: Yarn (duh); scented handmade soap Poisoned Apples (you don't think the talking trees were growing and throwing regular old apple did you? You did? That's cute.) from Les Bonnes Idees Mag; homemade ruby slippers noms in fire-of-bitterness cinnamon and a flying witch stitch marker both by yours truly

Totally Wicked Card
(close-up of insert card of stitch markery goodness)


So tell me, how far would YOU go to get your hands on the *perfect pair of shoes?

*Honestly? Those ruby slippers? Not quite on the same level of tackiness as ughs and crocks, but pretty damned close!

Monday, September 13, 2010

What's in a Name?


Well...everything, actually. And thanks to Laraknits, I now have one. Now, if I were to stay true to my mean girl villainy I'd make you all go troll through the comments of the last post to see exactly what it is. But since I'm in a rare mood of benevolency, I'll tell ya!

Hoartense Stashling
(HOAR'-tense Staaaaashling)

Doesn't quite strike fear in the soul, but, neither is being nameless. Perhaps it can be considered a stealth fear-inducer. No one is expecting such vile wrathitude from a monster with an ordinary name, now would they? For instance, if Godzilla was named, say, Gilbert Yakimoto, no one would have ever expected he could wreak the kind of havok on Tokyo he did, now would they? And he would have been feared even more!

So, now that I have a name, I also have a voice!
So first up...

Whaddup, Bitches???!?

Gotten any good yarn lately? No? Why the hell not? Couldn't possibly be because you haven't received your September MGYC shipment now could it? Well actually...yes. That's exactly what's happened. And it sucks. And you should give her major grief over it. How DARE she!!!! (Actually, she's ordered the supplies to make this component herself for the remaining months, so she has a back-up plan.) But that's NO excuse!

Ahem...yeah, so, anyway. Due to unforeseen circumstances (well, actually it was foreseen because the same exact thing happened last month, but she was hoping that it wouldn't happen again) the September shipment has been delayed, but will ship within the next week or two. Knottyhoar assures me that measures have since been taken to prevent this from happening again. In the meantime...suck it, hoars! You'll get your yarnz sometime in September as promised, and you'll like it, and you'll be damn glad to even get THAT much. (My words, not hers...she's actually being a little namby pamby, all apologetic and regretful. Bleh!)

Oh, and Lara, I'll make sure the little wimpy cream puff includes your prize in with your MGYC shipment.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm a Meany Girl, in a Meany World.


Where you scared? Well? Were you?

You should have been, that's one mean looking mascot we've got going on here. But you see, there is a problem with our poster child. She doesn't have a name and that makes her a sad MeanGirl Mascot. As you should know, sad MeanGirl Mascots are unstable MeanGirl Mascots and they might do things like eat yarn.

What? It could happen. I'm sure I read about something similar in the National Yarnquirer.

Anyway, while our Beloved Dyer is off galivanting, I, Adminion Tareshen, have a task for you.

Your task, should you decide to accept it, is to name our darling MeanGirl Mascot. This will require you to outwit, outthink and outmean the competition. As always, should you or any other of the Mean Girls win this competition, the Beloved Dyer will possibly send you a prize. Or send your yarn to me.

This post will self-destruct in...5...4...3...2...
Yeah, I was pulling your leg there.

Ok, you have your assignment. Only ideas left in the comments will be considered for this competition. This contest is only open to legal residents of MeanWorld. Employees, Adminions, and family members of Beloved Dyer are not eligible for prizes.

Wait, crap, I just disqualified myself, didn't I? I should win something for Outstanding Self-Meaness in a Blog Setting. *sigh*

Alright, there you go and get going. I'm anxious to see the results.

Ice Ice Baybee!


What better mean girl to showcase in hot sticky oppressive July than an Ice Queen? And OMG, is Jadis a mean one! Terrorizing children and little furry woodland creatures and crucifying tricking the beautiful kitty into sacrificing himself to save a snot-nosed brat. (Well, it was his own damned fault! Cats are supposed to be the minion, not the opposition!) Yup, she's our kind of girl alright!

Hoar Frost July yarn closeup

I was inspired by this White Witch's realm, and wanted to reflect it in all its icy glory in the yarn.

Hoar Frost total

Our nom for this month is an amazing cotton candy-flavored rock candy suspended on a stick. I wish I could say that I made it, but I don't have that kind of time. Do you have any ideas just how long it takes to develop that amount of candy? Hell no, I am way too impatient to wait around watching crystals grow. Instead, I ordered them from Candy Crate . I'd definitely betray every single one of you for a Sweetie from there!

Hoar Frost ExtraHoar Frost card

Also included were a customized tape measure which featured our very own little Meanie Monster Girl and a "Queen of Everything She Sees" stitch marker holder/row marker "made" by yours truly (actually more like assembled by yours truly).


Ice is Nice!

So, anyone dare to hazard a guess on who will be Ms. September?


Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick! Dial Yarn One One

Because it's like.......... mid-July and I don't have any damn yarn.

So, in order to head off 'Famous Indie Dyer Found Face Down in Own Dye Pots", can one of you hoars shoot me the phone number for LaLand Police Department so they can stop by and do a wellness check?

I have it on good authority, though, that shipments will be going out the first of next week. Thus, back outside for mailbox duty and I'm heading out to Disneyland Paris Tuesday and I'll be back Saturday, hopefully with some yarn waiting on me.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Curiouser & Curiouser

So, it looks as though we have a mystery member in our midst. I'll 'splain.

You see, Paypal decided to get on the Mean Girl bandwagon. Those members who signed up for the payment option, Paypal omitted their shipping address. So, I was forced to get off my lazy ass and email all the "subscription" members to ask for their shipping address. Everyone responded back except for one. So, the Mean Girl with the alias of J. Doupe, you have been discovered! Please email me: I need your secret identity, the shipping addy to your secret lair, and any other super villainous identities you have, (i.e. your Rav name). I'd hate for your yarn to go astray because I have no address to ship it to! Then I'd end up with two skeins each installment, instead of just one. Whatever would I do with 2 skeins of the same yarn?!?!

Now I'm sure that many of you couldn't give a fig about someone else's yarn going astray. I'd lay money that the only reason you're checking in at all is to see if I've gotten offa my evil plotting ass to announce a winner. Well, you'll be surprised to know that is EXACTLY what I've done. The Cursed Adminion (because her eviltude sometimes outweighs my own, damn her!) has been hard at work.

Now, grudgingly, I have to admit that all your guesses were rather clever....WRONG, but clever nonetheless. In fact, some have given me ideas for future runs of the MGYC! Now I've got themes for the next 10 years! Mwahahahahahaaaaaa!

"Enough with the blather, already!!!" you say?

"Tell us who won and send us our prizey goodness already, sheesh!!!" I hear?

Damn! You're a bunch of impatient hoars, aren't you? Just my type!

Okay, so the winners are:

Mehitabel & Noolie

I'll be sending out your prize packages...well, whenever I feel like it, so, keep yer pantihose on! And if you think that Noolie bitching and creating a ruckus in the Ravelry group helped in her winning, you just may be correct. You just never know! It might behoove you all to be squeaky wheels...then again, it might not.

And I betcha you're all wondering if anyone correctly guessed the theme of this year's MGYC. And my answer to that is...maybe. Did you expect anything else?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reports from the Front.

Hello? *tap tap* Is this thing on?

Oh hello there, Minion Tareshen reporting in from the front, and by front, I mean parked by my mailbox, stalking the mailman.

Since I'm watching my mailbox like a hawk and totally neglecting things like housework, feeding the ravening hordes, and on occasion, showering, I've had some time to think. Which leads me to two main thoughts :

1.) Where is my yarn? I mean, seriously. I've paid for it and now I'm being stood up? Someone hold me while I go and publicly post my angst.

2.) What is the theme for this go around? What Showcase of Strumpets will be inflicted on us this time? Since I'm sure you're all just as curious as I am, let's make a deal. You give me your best guess here in the comments and then I'll use the Random Number Generator and a couple of your lucky hoars might get a prize. Or we just might play this true Mean Girls style and send everyone else BUT the 'lucky hoars' something special. Just how lucky do you feel? And right or wrong is not the issue here, gals.

So send us your guesses and give me something to do besides eyeball the mailman. He's getting nervous.

**Psssssssssst. Don't forget, sign-ups are over May 31st. Just a few spots left, so get going!!!**

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just a quicky note to let you all know that there are only a couple of spots left for MGYC, Episode 2: The Mean Girls Strike Back. Membership will close on Monday, May 31, so hurry to secure your spot!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mean Girls Strike Back

If I get offa my lazy ass and do what I intend to do here to remodel and spiff the place up for Mean Girls Yarn Club, Part Deux: Mean Girls Strike Back, you'll most like see a lot of dust and maybe some changes. In the meantime, let me bring you all up to speed.

The Mean Girls’ Yarn club, Part Deux finds me, KnottyLa flying solo. You see, in true Mean Girl fashion, KnittyKnitterton (Ravelry name provided to protect the not-so-innocent), got us all worked up, excited, and dare I say it…moist over her beautiful yarns and is now taking her ball and bat a going home. What a tease!

So, things will be done slightly differently this next go-round. Four of the installments will be the product of my wicked cauldrons and evil incantations. However, the other 2 shall be merino/Cashmere (because you should always spell Cashmere with a capital “C”) sock yarn from the wicked genius that is ChicksWithSticks (Rav name), aka Sprouty25, aka Ann-Marie MacKay. And no, I’m not going to divulge which installment shall be which yarn, so don’t even bother asking!

As with last year, the entire year will be themed and there will be collectible stitch markers provided by Stacey Sobesiak, aka Purling Dervish (Rav name), which will reflect the Mean Girls they accompany. There will also be noms, most of which will be hand-made. I’m getting rather fond of slipping my poisons into sweet treats for you all. And yes, there will always be amazing extras included. In most cases, the extras come from independent artisans, and are of the highest quality. In fact, one installment this time around will contain an extra so awesome it’ll make your head spin. And no. I’m not going to divulge what installment that will be, so again, don’t even bother to aks.

Sign-ups open on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 9:30am PDT at Mean Girls Yarn Club blog (which means here, just in case you're wondering). This should give you plenty of time to exercise your clicky finger.

The rules remain pretty much the same as last year so you repeat offenders errr....members should know them by heart. However, I'll repeat them here for the newbies:

The Roolz.
  • The cost: $150 for the entire year, payable either in 1 lump sum, or in three $50 installments. This includes priority shipping for domestic members, ground shipping for accented domestic and international members.
  • Canadian and Mexican members shall be considered “Accented Domestic Members”.
  • First shipment goes out in July, 2010. Shipments will go out every other month for 1 year.
  • Membership will be limited to 50 people.
  • The colorways are to be club exclusives. It’s all super secret until you get your installment. It will remain super secret for no less than 2 weeks after the shipments are sent. NO SPOILERS ALLOWED!
  • There will be a waiting list for those of you too slow on the uptake/with the clicky finger.
  • For those members who choose the payment plan, members will make their initial payment when they sign up, and then be billed the final payments in October and again in January for the remaining balance. Please note, these payments are now 3 months apart instead of 4.
  • If members choosing the payment plan become delinquent in payment, their membership shall be forfeit if their account becomes 30-days past due, and the remainder of their membership will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.
  • If you opt for the payment plan, and find you need to cancel your membership…too bad. Just kidding. Please feel free to notify me privately. I will not bite your head off…well, maybe just a nibble.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to notify me if their desired mailing address differs from the one listed in Paypal. It is also the member’s responsibility to notify me in a timely manner if their address changes. If I wanted to I could read your minds, but I prefer to use my evil powers for, well…evil.
  • IF for whatever lame reason, you are displeased with your yarn, (and we don’t see why you would be. This is the MGYC, it’s implied that you get what you get and you like it) anyhow… if for some reason you and your colorway aren’t getting along, just follow these simple rules…
  1. First and foremost…NO WANKING ALLOWED!
  2. Email La or Tareshen aka The Evil Adminion, and in 50 words or less inform us of your decision.
  3. We’ll put the word out to your fellow members that there’s an unloved, neglected, ABUSED skein of MGYC yarn out there in need of a good home.
  4. We’ll put the abandoner/adopter in touch with each other, and you all can iron out all the payment/shipping details to your little black hearts’ content.
  5. If, in the unlikely event that no one wants your castoff, you can do with it what you will, but only after 6 months.
  6. If all else fails, see rule #1.
So, mark your calendars for May 4, bookmark this webpage, subscribe to this blog, go join the Ravelry Group and get your clicky finger into shape, there's only one week left until sign-ups!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Year of Mean

Well, gals, our first year is done, and I don't know about you, but I'm feeling rather energized and ready to go out and show this world what being a Mean Girl is all about.

So what now? You know what? I'm rather in the mood to stroll languidly down memory lane reliving the highlights of the past year while waiting on La to get off her duff and start with MGYC Part Deux. And since I'm writing this and you're not, here we go.

June - Aunt Sarah's Pussies

"We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don't please."

Oh those adorable little kitties. What? Just ask Aunt Sarah. Her poor innocent babies. You believe me right?

With this delivery from House of Awesome, the Mean Girl's Yarn Club got off to a slinky, cunning start.

August - Heartless Tart

"I warn you dear child, if I lose my temper, you lose your head. Understand?"

Egads, the things a Queen must endure! Unruly, impertinent children, and gardeners that are quite incompetent. If one didn't have ways of amusing oneself, life would be most unbearable. Now where is that Rabbit?

The second offering, from Atelier Dizzy Blonde was as sizzling as the month it arrived.

October - Shelfish Bitch

"Come in. Come in, my child. We mustn't lurk in doorways. It's rude. One might question your upbringing."

Unbelievable, the entitlement complex children have these days! One works and slaves for their art and these ungrateful wretches offer a pittance. A pittance!

The third installment, and the halfway mark, was a true work of art from KnittyKnitterton.

December - Aurora's Hoarealis

"Well, quite a glittering assemblage King Stefan. Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and... oh, how quaint - even the rabble."

Boring. That's all they are, plain and simple. Pastels, even. Bah. Excuse me, I have a distaff to go sharpen.

The fourth episode in the series was a stunning concoction, guaranteed to brighten the dreariest winter day, from KnottyLa.

February - Heart in a Box

"When she breaks the tender peel, to taste the apple in my hand, her breath will still, her blood congeal, then I'll be fairest in the land!"

Uppity little chit. And what in the world is this singing with bluebirds crap? Don't make me vomit. Is she really so naive as to think that beauty comes without a price? Newsflash, stepbrat, you're the price this time.

This little Valentine came in two versions, both breathtaking masterpieces, one from Alpha B Yarns (top), one from House of Awesome (bottom).



April - Lucifer's Mistress

"And of course there's the mending and the sewing and the laundry... Oh, yes, and one more thing. See that Lucifer gets his bath."

Bath? Is she even clean enough to give me a bath? I doubt it. I'm probably filthy, what with all the snooping and the spying and the tattling. All that effort to keep her in line. A minion's work is never done. I wonder if she'll floss my teeth after I eat her squeaky little friends?

This, the final chapter in our tale, was especially poignant for me. Such a tribute to minion hood coinciding with my birthday? I was verklempt. Brought to you by Dizzy Blonde Studios, this subtle nod to those that work behind the scenes reminds all of us good little minions how lucky we are to work for only the finest and how fortunate they have been in their search for the perfect muscle.

April loot

Now we've reached the end of our tour.

Impressive, huh? I admit, I feel a little empty inside, but I'm sure that my mailman won't mind. Although...his aim from the sidewalk has gotten pretty damn accurate and I do so adore that slight sheen of terror in his eyes when I open the door.

Unfortunately for him, it's not over. Stay tuned to this exclusive venue for information on the Sequel. We promise it won't hurt too awful much.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Mean Girls on Lime & Violet Live!

Okay, this is a call-out to all you industrious hoars who've actually knitted stuff with your MGYC yarn, instead of just HOARding it to roll around in nekkid.

Thanks to MissLime & MissViolet, you not only can catch me pimping my yarns & designs this Wednesday, 7:30 EDT at the Facebook virtual stitch & bitch over at Lime & Violet Live, but you can help me LOADS by showing off the GORGEOUS things you've made from the MGYC yarn. The theme of this S&B is "Lace" so your amazing shawls would fit into the theme perfectly! (Yes, I'm looking at you Kim)

To strut your stuff all you need is a facebook account, webcam, microphone, and a little intestinal fortitude. (Mine comes in the form of a margarita). If you just want to watch, and I know some of you are into that sort of thing, you can still lurk. There's a chatroom feature where you can heckle me all you want.

In any case, it should prove to be lots of fun for everyone, so come on out!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cats-Eye View

Picture 1582

Lucifer’s Mistress

Evil, like beauty (but much more interesting), is in the eye of the beholder. And if the “beholder” isn’t seeing things correctly, one can always poke them in the eye to help improve their vision. My mistress, Lady Tremaine is lucky to have me around for just such occasions. In addition I assist her in keeping that slacker, Cinderella in line…
SO lucky!
Behind every successful Mean Girl there’s a devoted minion!


And who is more devoted than me, Lucifer? Menacer of Mice; Harasser of Hounds; Badgerer of the Beleagured! No one I tell you. I insisted on these colors myself. The shades of gray perfectly match, not only Lady Tremaine's glorious hair, but also the wonderful stone coldness of her heart, while the blues and jades match her gown and jewels which compliment her grayness impeccably. The cool tones perfectly capture my mistress' wonderfully icy demeanor.

April loot

Loot of Lucifer's Mistress

Included with the generous 560yd./115g. skein of fingering weight sock yarn, was a wonderfully smelling handmade stash sachet (or "Stashet" as I like to call them) made of cloves & cedar by Aimee of Fairie Knits. Pssssshhhht. Looks to me more like a little packet of heaven in the form of catnip. If only I could get my claws into it to find out.

And finally a poured-sugar "glass" slipper. KnottyLa, who made the candy, informs me that it was champagne flavored. Whyever would she include candy in the shape of the object of my mistress's downfall, I'll never know. I guess she's a mean girl too.

Lady Tremaine
Cinderella's Evil Stepmother

Friday, March 26, 2010

And Apple a Day...

...just might kill that snotty little twit!


What's a girl to do when she's no longer the fairest in the land?
She sends out a hunter to bring that little bitch's heart back to her in a box! Mean Girl behavior? Yes, but if she ends up the fairest in the land afterward; it's worth the effort!
Make the effort, be the prettiest!

And, damn, but the girls at House of Awesome and Alpha B Yarn certainly embraced Her Evilness' philosophy for the February installment! Yes you read that right, we had the honor of 2 dyers this time around. Sweeeet! Check it out!

Heart In A Box
(in 2 acts)

Act 1: Alpha B Yarn: Shifting from red to russet to a wonderfully rich brown with an added surprise! Bits of green. Pictured here with the delicious apple nom, key stitch marker and a meanie button made by the most awesome Elabeth <---(Ravelry, Facebook, Twitter & Plurk name). Wanna know even more about her? You can read her blog.


Act 2: House of Awesome: A lovely tonal shift from bright red through deep russet to rich brown. I can't decide which is my favorite, so I think I'd want them both! Of course, I'm a greedy hoar, so I'm sure no one's surprised by that.

In addition, Sharky (House of Awesome) has promised us something that she won't name, but that it rhymes with "Tree Slattern". I wonder what could that be.

Evil Queen Heart Box

So, we have one more installment to go, and then Mean Girls Yarn Club, The Maiden Voyage will come to an end. Not to worry...shortly thereafter, I will give details on the Mean Girls' Yarn Club, part Deux. Or perhaps I'm just teasing you. After all, I'm not only a Mean Girl...I'm the Head Bitch In Charge. Guess you'll just have to pay attention to find out!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grudge Much?


Who are they to criticize? They who are so afraid of individuality that the only way to tell them apart is by the colors they wear! How DARE they mock me! It’s their own fault, you know. If they weren’t so boring, so namby pamby…so meh, I wouldn’t have to bring my spinning wheel with me to their sucky parties! I’ll show them Diablo. I’ll show them all! Rue, I say! Mwahahahahahhahahaaa!


Ms. Meanie, December,Maleficent, is one Mean Girl we fiber freaks can get behind. Using a spinning wheel to exact her revenge...brilliant! I guess those 3 little goody-two-shoes should have made sure she was invited to the party, huh? And with that preamble, I give you...

Aurora’s HOARealis
MGYC-Dec 2009
560 yards light-fingering 100% Merino goodness;


Chocolate nom hand made at Casa de La (aka my kitchen)

The whole packages was further enhanced by an awesome cupcake of super-exclusive perfume oil from Happy Housewife Soaps and Sundries, custom-blended by none other than Ms. Violet herself. (yes, I kept the extras...what of it?).

I don't know about anyone else, but I can't WAIT to see what February will bring. Oh, wait. It IS February...


Monday, January 18, 2010

Hoar on a Half Shell

"Shellfish Bitch"

And, DAMN, if our Mean Girl-October certainly was one! First, she steals the girl's voice, then she uses it to move in on the girl's man. And what's more, Ursula couldn't give a rat's ass about the girl. oh no. She had bigger fish to fry...(pun intended so deal)...It was all about getting back at Daddy Dearest. How wonderfully wicked is that? Almost as wicked as...

Picture courtesy of Lulubelle

In our October installment our members received. 440 glorious yards House of Awesome's AweseomeSock in the Shellfish Bitch colorway, another one of hsulli's remarkable homemade noms, either in the shape of a crab or a shark...a perfect representation for both the month's theme, and the 2 wicked women who are heading up this club. In addition, they received a sample bar of Turtle Cove Farms' Matsu Salt Scrub, a dragon stitch marker (???) and a wickedly kitschy arts & crafts Ursula fridge magnet, courtesy of MiniPurlz

So...who's next? Well, our club members already know since I've taken my damned sweet time posting this, and it's well past December.