Friday, June 3, 2011

Shady Dame


She was known by many names: Morgana, Morgan le Fay (of the fairies), Morgaine, just to name a few.  In the movie, Excalibur, we see her as a woman of boundless ambition and beauty whose knowledge and skills in earthly magics almost rival those of her mentor, Merlin.  So basically, right up our Mean Girl alley!

Faery Fart Loot
Faery Fart Installment
Faery Fart Close
Faery Fart 1

There ended up being 3 similar yet different colorways, all of them featured earthy browns with mossy greens and yellow-golds.  About half were done in the brighter, more varied colorway pictured above, with most of the other half being muted and muddied, and a select few being a darker version.  I loved all 3 and couldn't decide which was best, so I ran with them the way they dyed up.  Besides, having 3 similar-but-varying colorways made for some controversy and WTFing on the members' part, and I always like to keep 'em guessing!

Faery Fart Nom
Poison!  Do Not Eat!

The nom is a sassafras lolly in the shape of a crescent moon and stars.  It contains an evil potion that makes you unnaturally drawn to the MGYC, and compels you to sign up for the next round:  MGYC Ep. III:  Return of the Hoar.  Shameless self-promotion in 3-2-1...(Sign ups June 17th, 9:00am-ish, California time)
Faery Fart Card
As you can see, there was something physically missing from this installment:  The 'extra'.  Yep, in true mean girl fashion, I've always gotta be messing with the members' shipments.  Just when the Mean Girls were getting around to wingeing about it, they received a digital copy of Leave of The Wind from Faerie Knits from Aimee at Fairieknits.  Wanna see?
Stormy Leaves
As a Mean Girl, you all know how it pains me to give a true compliment, so you'll know just how impressed I am with this beautiful lace shawlette when I say...MAGNIFICENT!  Aimee Abernathy is a truly talented designer, as well as a knitting instructor.  If you ever get the chance, take one of her classes.  And then you can thank me for it later by sending me candy, or flowers, or shoes...
Faery Fart Leaves on the Wind
Notice the lovely model?  She's one of our very own Mean Girls, Cary.  BTW, I've already laid claim to her gorgeous hair, so the rest of you bitches just better back the hell off. If anyone's gonna snatch her bald, it'll be me!  Wha?  Ahem....anyway...

As MGYC Ep. II:  Mean Girls Strike Back, I hope it's members enjoyed the shipments as much as I enjoyed sending them.  And if not?  Too bad.  This isn't the Goodie-Two-Shoes Yarn Club now is it?

"Don't bother me with your petty squabbles, I have a throne to snatch"

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