Monday, October 3, 2011

The Crux of the Matter


Is there any hoar in the Wizarding World meaner than Nagini? Sure, you've got Professor Umbridge and Belatrix LeStrange, one's a major control freak who doesn't like children and the other is just batshit crazy, (who, I suspect likes children, but only served with a nice Chianti). But a snake that invades your dreams, turning them into nightmares? One who does the bidding of the most evilly powerful wizard of his time while carrying a piece of his twisted soul is just downright sinister. BTW, I guess I should have said SPOILER ALERT! to that last part, but I'm mean too, so deal with it.

So, for all you unlucky enough to not be in the MGYC, here's what you missed out on for the August installment:

 First up is 550 yards of Dizzy Blonde Studios (Etsy store to be reopening soon.  I recommend you bookmark it) Superwash Sock, done in various shades and hues of olive and moss.  Here's a closer look:

A homemade nom from the kitchens of the HHiC herself.  She's calling it "Butterbeer" even though they taste suspiciously like butter rum.



 There was a stick perfume in "Poison Apple" fragrance and a "poison pen" also courtesy of Dizzy Blonde Studios, and an equally venomous stitch marker rounds out the installment.


Sssssee you sssssoon!

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Anonymous said...

It's about time you got off your lazy hoar ass and posted about the last installment (especially since it's time for us to start standing by our mailboxes waiting for our next installment!)