Monday, April 16, 2012

Haughty Hoar




Drowning in her own sense of superior superiority, Lady Catherine De Bourgh is December's Mean Girl.  Not only is she a rich widow (way to go!), ahem...she has social standing, a big fish in a little pond with her fingers in many pies.

She is haughty, pompous, domineering, condescending and most importantly intimidating; traits we greatly admire here in the MGYC.  And the fact that she keeps that simpering little fool, Mr. Collins on a short leash endears her to us even more. 

This installment is all about overblown English gardens and floral scented formal parlors; essentials I've always imagined as mainstays at Rosings, the primary residence of our Grand Damme. 

The complete "Hoity Toity" package 
Yarn, Nom, Extra & Insert Card w/ Stitch Marker

Purples, lavenders, browns and tans in DBS Superwash sock 400 g/570 yd

4 ounce tin of scented SOY candle in "Lavender Dawn"

Champagne flavored hand-made nom with special green twisty-tie


So be the De Bourgh and embrace your inner snob... 

...go Bitch or go home.


Itgirl said...

Huh. Did I get that?

KnottyLa said...

You should have! It was December's installment. I'm still behind one blog post for February's installment.

Angela said...

I love the candle, by the way. The cats hate it. Keeps them out of my yarn room when I burn it. Mission accomplished!