Friday, June 22, 2012

Mob Rule

Rabble Rouser
“I lost a stitch...cursed aristocrats!”

Finally!  A bookish hoar who is as obsessed with the knit as we are and described as “The wife of Lucifer” to boot!  Ah, Madame Defarge!  You are a shining example…a beacon of hope…you ARE the Hoar whose meanitude reaches such lofty height, we can only appreciate it from afar. Who else but a our fiber matriarch would be hoar enough to knit the names of those who just died into knitting?  Here is your pedestal, Madame ...don't fall off!

A Tale of Two Cities  is where we find this bookish bint.  We celebrate Madame Defarge with this installment.  And what better way than with yarn and something to knit with it!

The yarn is Dizzy Blonde Studios' Superwash DK...100grams/260 yards of vivid Liberty Blue, shot through with violet.  
  And just as Madame knit the names of the aristocrats whose blue blood she helped spill, you can knit this yarn into the accompanying pattern:  Yes Madame, which was designed exclusively for the MGYC by our very own Mean Girl, Aimee Abernathy.  Yes Madame contains instructions to knit a hat, a pair of fingerless mitts and a headband.  Can't choose which to knit?  You don't have to!  All these items can be knit with just this one skein!  Visit Fairie Knits for more diabolically clever patterns!

So, while you're contemplating your next evil do, we've included a homemade
brandy-flavored nom, because, face it, who doesn't enjoy a nice brandy while plotting and scheming? In addtion, to help you keep track of your name-knitting wicked stitches, we've sent along a pretty little a cobalt & obsidian stitch marker.  
Only one more installment's left in this episode!  Who do YOU want to see immortalized in yarn?

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