Friday, April 25, 2014

All Fired Up

One Hot Mess!

Lila Tourney turned out to be the Big Bad in Season 2 of Dexter.  In a nutshell, she befriends our (anti-) hero, becomes his NA sponsor, seduces him, and then, when he starts to pull away (cuz she's friggin bonkers), she frames one of his best friends for rape and then murders another one, hoping to draw him back to her.  

Can't blame a girl for trying, now can you?  Her weapon of choice?  Fire.  That's so hot!

and MGYC Episode V:  Revenge of the Hoar, installment 3 is all about what's hot.  

From the yarn, a generous 560 yard/115 g. skein of Dizzy Blonde Studios Dizzy Blonde Superwash Merino dyed in flaming crimson, sizzling vermilion and smouldering orchid... the loot, which includes a beautiful garnet stitch marker from Toluca Knit Jewelry, a must-have Stitch Saver(TM) from 5ElementKnitr, and 2 large cinnamon bears dipped in rich yummy chocolate.

Pattern Recommendations

Lichen Moebius Scarf  by Andrea Jurgrau
Iron Maiden by Marisa Hernandez
Mal Nach links, mal nach rechts 
    by Claudia Nelson
Hawaiian Snowflakes by Mel Ski
Paestum Beret by Coryna Blasko
Gilet Fougerè by Peggy Grand
Snadi by Meiju K-P

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