Monday, August 18, 2014

Fatal Flaw

Bunny Boiler

Stalker doesn't even begin to describe Mean Girl #5:  Alexandra "Alex" Forrest.  In "Fatal Attraction" she took obsession to new, incredible heights.  She ambushed her prey in parking garages, at his office and in his home.  She poured acid on his car, kidnapped his daughter and yes, even boiled the family pet.  She is the poster child for the deranged, and back in the 80s she scared the bejeebers out of every man with a pulse.  That'll learn them to cheat!

Good girl!

The Yarn

"Bunny Boiler" is inspired by the silk peignoir Alex wears when she's at her most seductive, convincing self.  The colorway is in subtle shades of peach and apricot on the Dizzy Blonde Studios Dizzy Blonde Superwash sock base.  That's 115 g./560 yds. of pure unadulterated crazy!

The Loot!

We also included a homemade mango-flavored nom lollipop, a hand-made crystal stitch marker (not shown) and an adorable bunny-themed project bag from Jelby.

Pattern Recommendations

Summer Rays Drop Stitch Wrap by Linda Dean
Garden Vest by Rebecca Velasquez
 Regency Bolero Baby by Karen E. Hooton
Hedy Lamarr Fingerless Gloves by Tanis Gray
Marin-Lin Cami by Louise Lamarche
Sassy Pullover by Karen Marlatt
Forever Young by Heidi Nick
Lucem Shawl by Paivi Makinen
Uhura by MMario

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