Sunday, May 1, 2016

Gingers and Suckers

I have received the second installment of Episode 7, The Final Frontier of the Mean Girls Yarn Club. And I've decided not to let the yarn speak to me this time but have cast on a pair of socks ~ more on that in a minute.

The first impressions on seeing the colorway was orange. I had a taste of those orange slices or the creamsicles, the taste of the mixture of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet was an immediate sense in my head (so clear that my mouth began to water) and then I saw the character that inspired those colors and that feeling melted away.

From the Science Fiction television series: Serenity, it's Saffron, or Bridget or Yolanda or... I suppose it depends on which of her targets you currently feel for, as she first appeared on the good ship Firefly as a stow-away and claimed to have been married to Cap'n Mal the night before. I never really felt that was proven, in spite of Shepherd's verifying the local marriage rites, wherein a woman places a crown of flowers on her chosen one's head and his sipping from her cup of wine. I'm sure if that could be true, there was a lot more marriages in the sixties than anyone could possibly know.

Let's stick with her identity as Saffron. Unlike, most characters not crew on the show, she appears in two episodes of the 14 in the series. In the first of the two, as we said, she claimed to be married to Mal, and nearly succeeds in getting Firefly and crew captured or worse. Her second appearance first divides Mal from a war buddy (another husband), then convinces him and the crew to attempt to steal an artifact from yet another husband.

Inara recognises Saffron has had training as a companion and with as many known marks in her limited appearances on the show, it seems apparent that it was by those skills that she was so successful.
@Tammy Burke/wearingpurple

Quote: But, face it Hubby, I'm really hot.

The color of the skein really reflects this character. Mostly adorned in peasant or gypsy styled clothing of peachy calico, and deep orange-red, perhaps a little of the gemstone carnelian thrown in, Dizzy Blonde Studios has really captured this ginger villainess in a tasty skein.

Even working with it continues that perception, as, when knit, it creates a soft fabric with a slight 'smooshiness' ~ not a lot, just enough to be comfortable, as Saffron's character tried initially to portray herself. As I said, I wound the skein into a ball and cast on a pair of socks the first evening I had it in my possession, toe-up vanilla socks. The yarn has just the right twist to have good stitch definition and works up easily.

@Aimee Abernathy

Installment EXTRA: Misbehavin' Pattern, Boot Toppers by Aimee Abernathy

Created JUST FOR this installment of the MGYC, 'Misbehavin' boot toppers feature a sly optional pouch for your poisoned lip balm, money, ID or other important documents, maybe a folding pocket stiletto knife, or merely your favorite tube if "Goodnight Kiss" lipstick. The pattern is currently only available to the Mean Girls Yarn Club participants, everyone else will be able to get it, Nov. 1st, 2016

Installment Contents: 'Was It Good For You, Too?'

100% Merino Wool Superwash Wool DK
Approx. 280 yds/256 m.
4 oz/115 gms
Gauge: 5-6 spi on US #4-6

Machine washable, lay flat to dry.

Package included a ginger-orange brandy homemade sucker as an homage to those Saffron has taken advantage of and a stitch marker that matches the yarn.

Pattern Recommendations (Links to Ravelry)

Eliana Shawl by Petra Breakstone
The Twist by Jackie McAvoy
Inez Cloche by Toby Roxane Barna
Burning Down the House Mitts by Afifa
Lakorra by Georgia Nicholson

Clive's Jumper by Gillian Buckerfield
Madly in Love Mitts by Tamara Kelly
Peekaboo Chevron Cowl by Jill Chapman

@Tammy Burke/wearingpurple
Here are my socks, now complete. As I said, I cast on as soon as I had the skien unwrapped, mostly so as not to let it contaminate the rest of my stash. Can't wait to see your completed projects with this skein, I will be watching in Ravelry.

~Written very late at night, pardon the blurry edges, by Tammy Burke, a nobody you may recognize as a terrible giggler from the Fiber Hooligan podcast that ended last year, currently assisting the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird, and sharing every funny and interesting thing she can about knitting, crochet or just yarn in general in her own Facebook Group, Pursuit of Happy Knits. Once upon a time she was interviewed for being herself by the Knotty Girls. She considers herself just a fan of Dizzy Blonde Studios and loves getting to show her appreciation with properly spelled adjectives and way too many commas. The above article was written with love and ability to do research, without much knowledge but with aim toward that which is fun.

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