Friday, July 24, 2009

June Gloom

June MGs
photo couresy of KnitSteph

"Aunt Sarah has not one, but two wicked pussies. They wreak havoc wherever they go, they take what they want and give nothing back. And they do it all while singing? Who better to use the title Mean Girl than the milk stealing, home-wrecking, dog muzzling baddies, Si & Am?"

Who better indeed? What a way to kick off a yarn club! Wanna see the whole package?

June Installment

Not only did our club members receive the gorgeous yarn based on the naughty pussies, they also received a MGYC-themed stitch marker, a hand-made needle holder courtesy of Mel at Urban Legends, and a delicious hand-made nom, courtesy of Raveler, Hsulli.

So, what will August's installment hold for our club members? They won't have long to wait! Feel free to speculate!


mehitabel said...

Meanest Girls In Town: La and Sharky, aka Laura and Bobbie. I think it ought to be a violent shade of puce, with flashes of orange and silver.

Or maybe Ursula Octopus purple and black??

Hey, you said guess!

Nichole R. Bennett said...

I can't believe I missed this! I hope this won't be the last... I want to join!!!!!