Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heartless Tart

Queen of Hearts

Do you play...croquet?

Get to the part where I lose my temper!


Is it a wonder all her subjects run and hide at her approach? It's a good thing her distinct shrill announces her a full 5 minutes prior to her arrival! She's been called a fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant and by a little snot-nosed, doe-eyed, blonde snip of a girl, no less! But us Mean Girls know that she's just a bit misunderstood. You'd be in a persistent bad mood too, wouldn't you? Wonderland my ass!

And so it goes with the August installment of the Mean Girls Yarn Club. Yeah, I know this post is coming WAAAAY late. So what? It's my blog, and if I wanna be late, I'll damned well be late! Lazy? Who said that??? OFF WITH HER HEAD!!! Oh...


August's installment was brought to you by the brilliant, talented and most awesome dyers at Dizzy Blonde Studios...ahem...wha? and the Queen of Hearts in all her primary glory:

Uber Heartless Tart

Also in this installment was my first attempt at making something nomably heart-shaped out of sugar, with varying success. Blast you cursed sun and heat and unforseen meltiness of not-quite-cooked-long-enough sugar!!! When made, they looked awesome, but it went out with a disclaimer stating that one should not clamp both sets of teeth around it at the same time, unless they WANTED their jaw glued shut for several hours. Back to the drawing board for this amateur candy-maker!

But best of all, the "something extra" included the brilliant awesomeness that are 5ElementKnitr, clever inventions: the Stitch Savers customized just for the MGYC! Some of us lucky hoars *COUGHknottyandsharkyCOUGH* got a second, personalized one. And let me tell you, you definitely need more than one, especially us project floozies, who MUST have every knitting bag filled with some knit project or another. To be safe, you should have one of these little miracles in each of your knitting bags. So if the MGYC stitch save is the only one you've got, better rush your ass on over to her etsy store and order up a few more!

Stay tuned! Maybe I'll get to posting about October's installment come New Years!


5elementknitr said...

Thanks for the pimpin'!

ZantiMissKnit said...

I really should have joined this club. I'm such a douche.