Monday, January 18, 2010

Hoar on a Half Shell

"Shellfish Bitch"

And, DAMN, if our Mean Girl-October certainly was one! First, she steals the girl's voice, then she uses it to move in on the girl's man. And what's more, Ursula couldn't give a rat's ass about the girl. oh no. She had bigger fish to fry...(pun intended so deal)...It was all about getting back at Daddy Dearest. How wonderfully wicked is that? Almost as wicked as...

Picture courtesy of Lulubelle

In our October installment our members received. 440 glorious yards House of Awesome's AweseomeSock in the Shellfish Bitch colorway, another one of hsulli's remarkable homemade noms, either in the shape of a crab or a shark...a perfect representation for both the month's theme, and the 2 wicked women who are heading up this club. In addition, they received a sample bar of Turtle Cove Farms' Matsu Salt Scrub, a dragon stitch marker (???) and a wickedly kitschy arts & crafts Ursula fridge magnet, courtesy of MiniPurlz

So...who's next? Well, our club members already know since I've taken my damned sweet time posting this, and it's well past December.


mehitabel said...

I know, I know! But thanks for reminding me about lovely luscious Ursy, cause I am needing just the right yarn for a project and I think she'll be perfect!

Sunnyknitter said...

All the MG yarn has been purty and the extras so much fun, might turn me into a yarn club hoar!

Jessi said...

I am working on my 3rd hat from the same hank of yarn, its the never-ending (in a great way) yarn ball, loved the extras too :)

Angela said...

I haven't found the perfect project for it yet, but I take it out every once in a while for a snuggle. I also adore the scrub bar.

Zardra said...

I demand more yarn just for leaving a comment on this blog post!

GypsyWolf said...

I would say how much I like this yarn club, but that wouldn't be very "mean girl" would it? So I want to know where more of the yarn is. I want it NOW!

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Jeremy said...

It makes me WICKED CRAZY BITCHY SAD that I'm not part of this club. I'm in a different one until November and may have to jump ship after that. I'm more of a Mean Girl than a Speshul Snowflake, though I could be both.


KnottyLa said...

Jeremy, you're in luck! There will be a Mean Girls Yarn Club 2.0. Details to come soon. Sign ups will be in May. First shipment will be in July.