Friday, March 26, 2010

And Apple a Day...

...just might kill that snotty little twit!


What's a girl to do when she's no longer the fairest in the land?
She sends out a hunter to bring that little bitch's heart back to her in a box! Mean Girl behavior? Yes, but if she ends up the fairest in the land afterward; it's worth the effort!
Make the effort, be the prettiest!

And, damn, but the girls at House of Awesome and Alpha B Yarn certainly embraced Her Evilness' philosophy for the February installment! Yes you read that right, we had the honor of 2 dyers this time around. Sweeeet! Check it out!

Heart In A Box
(in 2 acts)

Act 1: Alpha B Yarn: Shifting from red to russet to a wonderfully rich brown with an added surprise! Bits of green. Pictured here with the delicious apple nom, key stitch marker and a meanie button made by the most awesome Elabeth <---(Ravelry, Facebook, Twitter & Plurk name). Wanna know even more about her? You can read her blog.


Act 2: House of Awesome: A lovely tonal shift from bright red through deep russet to rich brown. I can't decide which is my favorite, so I think I'd want them both! Of course, I'm a greedy hoar, so I'm sure no one's surprised by that.

In addition, Sharky (House of Awesome) has promised us something that she won't name, but that it rhymes with "Tree Slattern". I wonder what could that be.

Evil Queen Heart Box

So, we have one more installment to go, and then Mean Girls Yarn Club, The Maiden Voyage will come to an end. Not to worry...shortly thereafter, I will give details on the Mean Girls' Yarn Club, part Deux. Or perhaps I'm just teasing you. After all, I'm not only a Mean Girl...I'm the Head Bitch In Charge. Guess you'll just have to pay attention to find out!

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