Friday, April 16, 2010

Cats-Eye View

Picture 1582

Lucifer’s Mistress

Evil, like beauty (but much more interesting), is in the eye of the beholder. And if the “beholder” isn’t seeing things correctly, one can always poke them in the eye to help improve their vision. My mistress, Lady Tremaine is lucky to have me around for just such occasions. In addition I assist her in keeping that slacker, Cinderella in line…
SO lucky!
Behind every successful Mean Girl there’s a devoted minion!


And who is more devoted than me, Lucifer? Menacer of Mice; Harasser of Hounds; Badgerer of the Beleagured! No one I tell you. I insisted on these colors myself. The shades of gray perfectly match, not only Lady Tremaine's glorious hair, but also the wonderful stone coldness of her heart, while the blues and jades match her gown and jewels which compliment her grayness impeccably. The cool tones perfectly capture my mistress' wonderfully icy demeanor.

April loot

Loot of Lucifer's Mistress

Included with the generous 560yd./115g. skein of fingering weight sock yarn, was a wonderfully smelling handmade stash sachet (or "Stashet" as I like to call them) made of cloves & cedar by Aimee of Fairie Knits. Pssssshhhht. Looks to me more like a little packet of heaven in the form of catnip. If only I could get my claws into it to find out.

And finally a poured-sugar "glass" slipper. KnottyLa, who made the candy, informs me that it was champagne flavored. Whyever would she include candy in the shape of the object of my mistress's downfall, I'll never know. I guess she's a mean girl too.

Lady Tremaine
Cinderella's Evil Stepmother

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Anonymous said...

I do believe this is my favorite MGYC yarn of them all! I know I've said that each time, but this time I really mean it and I might actually knit something with it. Or I might just admire it along with the others :-)