Friday, June 11, 2010

Curiouser & Curiouser

So, it looks as though we have a mystery member in our midst. I'll 'splain.

You see, Paypal decided to get on the Mean Girl bandwagon. Those members who signed up for the payment option, Paypal omitted their shipping address. So, I was forced to get off my lazy ass and email all the "subscription" members to ask for their shipping address. Everyone responded back except for one. So, the Mean Girl with the alias of J. Doupe, you have been discovered! Please email me: I need your secret identity, the shipping addy to your secret lair, and any other super villainous identities you have, (i.e. your Rav name). I'd hate for your yarn to go astray because I have no address to ship it to! Then I'd end up with two skeins each installment, instead of just one. Whatever would I do with 2 skeins of the same yarn?!?!

Now I'm sure that many of you couldn't give a fig about someone else's yarn going astray. I'd lay money that the only reason you're checking in at all is to see if I've gotten offa my evil plotting ass to announce a winner. Well, you'll be surprised to know that is EXACTLY what I've done. The Cursed Adminion (because her eviltude sometimes outweighs my own, damn her!) has been hard at work.

Now, grudgingly, I have to admit that all your guesses were rather clever....WRONG, but clever nonetheless. In fact, some have given me ideas for future runs of the MGYC! Now I've got themes for the next 10 years! Mwahahahahahaaaaaa!

"Enough with the blather, already!!!" you say?

"Tell us who won and send us our prizey goodness already, sheesh!!!" I hear?

Damn! You're a bunch of impatient hoars, aren't you? Just my type!

Okay, so the winners are:

Mehitabel & Noolie

I'll be sending out your prize packages...well, whenever I feel like it, so, keep yer pantihose on! And if you think that Noolie bitching and creating a ruckus in the Ravelry group helped in her winning, you just may be correct. You just never know! It might behoove you all to be squeaky wheels...then again, it might not.

And I betcha you're all wondering if anyone correctly guessed the theme of this year's MGYC. And my answer to that is...maybe. Did you expect anything else?


Zardra said...

Hey, wait, are you saying I'm not enough of a squeaky wheel?!

junglygirl said...

probably won't get my damn yarn either...

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Thank you, Thank you Oh Mean One! I mean - it's about time you got off your lazy ass and picked a winner (especially since I'm one of them).

But, do I have to wear pantihose? I hate pantihose - they're hot and feel gross and the crotch always slips down to my knees. Please don't make me wear them.

Tareshen said...


Pantyhose and a skirt knit from Red Heart. ;)



mehitabel said...

Woo Hoo Hoo! I knew my meanitudeness would pay off some day!

I shall go stand by my mailbox now!