Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick! Dial Yarn One One

Because it's like.......... mid-July and I don't have any damn yarn.

So, in order to head off 'Famous Indie Dyer Found Face Down in Own Dye Pots", can one of you hoars shoot me the phone number for LaLand Police Department so they can stop by and do a wellness check?

I have it on good authority, though, that shipments will be going out the first of next week. Thus, back outside for mailbox duty and I'm heading out to Disneyland Paris Tuesday and I'll be back Saturday, hopefully with some yarn waiting on me.


Anonymous said...

We're really bad mean girls, aren't we? No-one's called the cops and La hasn't faked her death.


Desi said...

Best tip for Disneyland Paris: bring your own food. It's totally acceptable and the food there is their version of American: way worse than Anaheim. And you know that all the rest of the food outside of the park is going to rock. Oh, and don't miss the Phantom Mansion!

Tareshen said...

Just wait, she's off to Disney today. I predict a tragic mishap on the Teacup ride.

That being said, I'm off to Disney Tuesday.

Daynica Schmaynica said...

Who says no one has called the cops??

Angela said...

OMGeleventy!!! How can she go to Disney when I don't have my yarnz yet!?! Why isn't she chained to her dyepots and skein winder? How dare she have a life while I am waiting for my yarnz!!!!!11111!!!!!

(How was that? Was that butthurt enough?)