Friday, October 29, 2010

Shoe Hoar


Now let me ask you this: If some little twit came along and yoinked the shoes you've been coveting for decades, wouldn't YOU be a little pissed? Thought so! Now you might have a better understanding of where our September Mean Girl is coming from.

First her sister hoards them for like, forever, then right at the moment of acquisition, they go scampering off to that little Dorothy chit. It's enough to put anyone in a bad mood...perhaps even turn them a bit WICKED! Who'd blame her? Let me rephrase that...who'd DARE blame her? Instead, let's just admire her for her restraint and fortitude, and look to her for inspiration in our own wicketude, hmmmm? It's safer that way, trust me!

WWW and monkey

This is 400-ish yards of Wicked Witch/Flying Butt Monkey-inspired Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend and comes from the twisted mind of Anne Marie MacKay aka The Chicks with Sticks of ColourPlay Fibers (I couldn't be arsed enough to troll the interwebs for the web page, so once I do find it, I'll edit it...maybe, besides, the Canadian spelling of color is making my head squish out my ears).

Totally Wicked Close

In the meantime, you CAN find more of Anne Marie's luscious stuff at Sprouty25 (etsy) & The Chick With Sticks (artfire). Wanna see the rest of the loot? First one to say "dumb question" gets their teeth handed to them in a basket.

Totally Wicked Loot
Clockwise from the top: Yarn (duh); scented handmade soap Poisoned Apples (you don't think the talking trees were growing and throwing regular old apple did you? You did? That's cute.) from Les Bonnes Idees Mag; homemade ruby slippers noms in fire-of-bitterness cinnamon and a flying witch stitch marker both by yours truly

Totally Wicked Card
(close-up of insert card of stitch markery goodness)


So tell me, how far would YOU go to get your hands on the *perfect pair of shoes?

*Honestly? Those ruby slippers? Not quite on the same level of tackiness as ughs and crocks, but pretty damned close!

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