Monday, September 13, 2010

What's in a Name?


Well...everything, actually. And thanks to Laraknits, I now have one. Now, if I were to stay true to my mean girl villainy I'd make you all go troll through the comments of the last post to see exactly what it is. But since I'm in a rare mood of benevolency, I'll tell ya!

Hoartense Stashling
(HOAR'-tense Staaaaashling)

Doesn't quite strike fear in the soul, but, neither is being nameless. Perhaps it can be considered a stealth fear-inducer. No one is expecting such vile wrathitude from a monster with an ordinary name, now would they? For instance, if Godzilla was named, say, Gilbert Yakimoto, no one would have ever expected he could wreak the kind of havok on Tokyo he did, now would they? And he would have been feared even more!

So, now that I have a name, I also have a voice!
So first up...

Whaddup, Bitches???!?

Gotten any good yarn lately? No? Why the hell not? Couldn't possibly be because you haven't received your September MGYC shipment now could it? Well actually...yes. That's exactly what's happened. And it sucks. And you should give her major grief over it. How DARE she!!!! (Actually, she's ordered the supplies to make this component herself for the remaining months, so she has a back-up plan.) But that's NO excuse!

Ahem...yeah, so, anyway. Due to unforeseen circumstances (well, actually it was foreseen because the same exact thing happened last month, but she was hoping that it wouldn't happen again) the September shipment has been delayed, but will ship within the next week or two. Knottyhoar assures me that measures have since been taken to prevent this from happening again. In the meantime...suck it, hoars! You'll get your yarnz sometime in September as promised, and you'll like it, and you'll be damn glad to even get THAT much. (My words, not hers...she's actually being a little namby pamby, all apologetic and regretful. Bleh!)

Oh, and Lara, I'll make sure the little wimpy cream puff includes your prize in with your MGYC shipment.