Friday, February 11, 2011


No Movie Witch-themed yarn club would be complete without one of the numerous mean girls from Harry Potter. With so many baddies to choose from, how can you pick just one? Easy...pick the meanest of the mean. Yup, you guessed it! January's mean girl is none other than...

Umbridge Blog2
Dolores Umbridge

Yikes, just typing her name gives me the willies! Scares the mean right outta me. If that doesn't qualify her as the meanest of the mean, I don't know what does. I should just end this right here and now, leaving you all to wonder what the installment was all about, while go take a moment to compose myself, by burning some ants with a magnifying glass...but I'll soldier through...for you. See what her meanitude does to this Queen of Mean? Makes me be all nice and warm-hearted andother icky, soft-underbelly stuff. I hate myself right now, and now I feel guilty for it. Bah!

So, here's the big picture of January's installment:

Dictate Hoar Loot

And now, just because I'm feeling's it broken down. First, the yarn:
Dictate Hoar Close

then the nom (it wasn't poisoned, but I considered it...wha? There are poisonous frogs in the world, you know):
Dictate Hoar Nom

the swag:
Dictate Hoar Extra
An adorable hand-made stitch marker holder from Jelby! And she was even courteous enough to sort us. (I need to "speak" to her about being so thoughtful) Yes, this one's mine. Me + Slytherin = DUH!

and finally, the stitch marker and enclosure card:
Dictate Hoar Card

And now I will go steal candy from babies, rub kittens the wrong way, growl at puppies and kick some hoar when she's down...just so I can feel a shred of self-respect again.
UmbridgeBlog 1
::shudder:: (mommy, she's smiling at me...make her stop!!!!)


Kaitlin said...

:) are the shipments bi monthly or monthly? Couldn't recall.

KnottyLa said...

Shipments go out every other month. I always get confused at the definition of "bi-monthly". Does it mean "twice a month" or does it mean "once every 2 months"? SO confusing!