Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bay of Pigs

In true Mean Girl fashion, I went old-school on all y'all, and found a truly tyrannical 80s style Mean Girl for this installment. Hell, some of you weren't even born yet, and probably most of you were still in diapers when Willow made it's theatrical debut in 1988. Ah!!!!! The gold old days...of course, I wasn't much older than most of you, I've just got one hell of a memory...ahem.



Queen Bavmorda rules from her fortress of Nockmaar with an iron fist. She imprisons all the mothers-to-be in her deepest, darkest most squalid dungeons. She hunts children with ferocious dog-beasts. She turns entire armies into bacon-on-the-hoof, and she has no qualms in destroying any and all who get in her way...even her own flesh and blood. In a word? She's magnificent!

But enough about her, let's move on to the loot, shall we?   Oooooooh!  Aaaaaaaaah!

The Collective
Baby Melter Loot

Reversible Project Bag Swag
Baby Melter Extra
The projects bags come from the evil genius that is Olivia Knits Designs. She's just updated her store, so in true Mean Girl fashion, you all should run on over there and buy up all her inventory! Okay, I'll admit, I'm sending you over there because they're so cute and adorable and if I have to look at them any more I think I'm gonna be sick. So, you'll actually be doing me a favor, really.

Army of Pigs Nom
Baby Melter Nom

The nom is from my own kitchen and is poison-flavored disguised as either salt water taffy or grapefruit. Be thankful that they're not maple-syrup and bacon noms. Yes, I was sorely tempted, but figuring that some of you might be Kosher hoars, I controlled myself.  Must have been a moment of weakness.  Bah!

 Stitch Marker Insert
Baby Melter Card 
 This installment's stitch marker is a little porker flanked by 2 hematite beads.  Yup, we're all going to the pigs...even the brownies. (watch the movie if you don't get the reference).

Queen Bavmorda:  The Yarn Years
Baby Melter Close

 Now the yarn is super special yarn from Anne-Marie MacKay aka ColoUrplay Fibers. What makes it so super special? It knits itself! All you have to do is show it the pattern and voila! Eet Eez Kneeted. No? Not buying it for a minute? Sheesh! Okay, the specialness is that it is a yummy merino/cashmere blend in gorgeous russets, rusts and grays.

Now give me the yarn back or the baybeh gets it!

Dang, if you all thought figuring out the mean girl in THIS installment was tough, I'm afraid of your reaction to the next and final installment in the Mean Girls Yarn Club, Episode 2: Mean Girls Strike Back!


visionsister said...

1988 was a good year. I escaped from high school that year which makes me old. I have loved this movie since it came out! I stole the baby!

Anonymous said...

I <3 Willow!!

My hub told me once that he wants to name our child (girl or boy and if we have one) Madmartigan... and he was about 85% serious.

Anonymous said...

And I'm keeping the baby!!!