Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last Bint Standing

MrsCoulterblog Monkey Shines
Mrs. Marisa Coulter is a selfish,  determined, calculating, ruthless power-hungry hoar with wide political connections, and drop-dead gorgeous to boot.  Along with her daemon, a beautiful golden monkey with long hair, she weaves a web of self-serving deceit, even dethroning kings.  So how much do we love her?  With all of our little stone-cold hearts!  So much so, that we can forgive her few moments of weakness when she sacrifices those ambitions, (and at the end so much more) in order to save the life of her daughter.  Bah!  Motherly love.  Who needs it?!?


Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials is where we find Mrs. Coulter and her daemon, the inspiration of this final installment of the Mean Girls Yarn Club, Episode III: Bookish Bints.

The yarn is Dizzy Blonde Studios' Superwash DK...100grams/260 yards in yellows cream, gold and pear blend beautifully in this tonally-shifting skein. 

The nom is a refreshing lemon and ginger homemade heart-shaped (cuz we lurves her) lollipop. This installment also includes a sweet little beaded stitch marker.


And what better way to store your knitting jewelry than in this delightful stitch marker tin!  Handmade by Cary, the felted top is in the form of Pantalaimon, Lyra's (the heroine of the series) ermine daemon.  Like all good feret-like creatures, Pan will look after all your sparkly pretties, and perhaps even collect a few of his own you didn't even know you had!  Visit Cary's etsy store, Jelby, and throw money at her.  For a Mean Girl, her stitch markers, holders, pendants and tins are adorable!  You must have more!

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