Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy



Dr. Facilier, aka The Shadow Man is a lean, mean, curse-casting machine who's got friends on the other side!  He may be one of Disney's newest Bad Boys, but in The Princess and the Frog, he's one big bad-assed voodoo-dealing daddy.  Is it a wonder he's the first of our Manhoar Menaces?  

Shadowman green-purple smokeHe looks and sounds like Laurence Fishburne (awesome!), loves jazz, preys on the gullible, manipulates the greedy and eats gators (trumpet-playing or otherwise) for lunch.  When he do that voodoo that he do so well, it's done in swirls of green and purple, and the inspiration for September's colorway.  

Hoars, I give you "Curses!"!

100 grams/280 yards of Dizzy Blonde Studios 100% Merino Superwash DK in a stunning blend of shades in key lime and lavender.  
Loot Loot

A new feature this episode is a list of pattern recommendations.  I know how lazy you bints can be! 
Loot yarn
Heads Are Round 
Esker Scarf 
Baby Dragon Scarf 
Eyelet Shawl 
Susie Rogers Reading Mitts 
Baby Eyelet Cardi 
Granny Circle Placemats 
Sensual Shawl in Lover's Knots 

Loot-Extra Wolfe Farms provided this installment's swag.  Maple pecan scented soap and lotion in "World's Best Coffee" calls to mind a lazy afternoon in a French Quarter cafe listening to jazz and enjoying a cup of coffee with a generous slice of pecan pie.  They have lots of other amazing stuff.  You should go shopping there.  Right.  Now.

Loot Nom

And afterwards you can stroll through the French Quarter while enjoying this homemade mint julep nom.

Loot Card

But be ever mindful of the Shadowy places...they move when you least expect them to!

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