Monday, January 7, 2013

Bosom Buddy

Hoar's Yer Buddy?
Supers are somewhat commonplace in Metroville, and all little Buddy Pine wanted to be was Mr. Incredible's sidekick, Incrediboy. Unfortunately, he didn't take two things into consideration.  First, Buddy  didn't have any real super powers and second, Mr. Incredible is a complete and utter asshat.

Take two parts rejection, three parts determination and a healthy dose of keen engineering intellect, allow to simmer for a decade or so, and you have the perfect formula for creating a  super-genius, super-villain aka Syndrome, and the inspiration for this installment.


Black, white, vibrant blues, and a bright shock of ginger color these skeins of 100g/480y Dizzy Blonde Studios Superwash Sock.  It was a happy (or unhappy, depending on your gridiron proclivity) accident that the yarn is also Denver Broncos colors.

zEverything ElseSydrome's secret lair is on a private tropical volcanic island, so the homemade nom needed to be both exotic AND firey, obviously a mango-chili gourmet lollipop was the only way to go.  A bright orange AB crystal stitch-marker from Toluka Knit Jewelry and a clever stitch saver from 5elementknitr round out the installment.

Pattern Recommendations:

Trillian - Martina Behm
Foxy Loop - Jenny Faifel
Willow Cowl - Amelia Lyon
Sock-It-To-Me Gloves - Joan Beebe
City Lights Scarf - Universal Yarn
Flappy - Rachel Maurer
Men's Basic Socks - Margaret Testa
Little Ivanhoe - Lena Gjerald
Little Cotton Shrug - Mimi Alelis
Sturdy Crocheted Bag - Carol Huebscher Rhoades

"I'm super and I know it!"

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