Monday, June 24, 2013

WAL: Wank A-Long (KAL/CAL for Hoars)

If you're like me, you have 4 years of MGYC yarn that you've "collected".  So, to help you make room for year 5, we're hosting a KAL/CAL - Whatever Along.  The rules are pretty simple.  Here's the quick low-down.  

  • Dates:  July 1 - August 31, 2013
  • Yarn:  Any of the MGYC club yarn
  • Pattern:  Any pattern your cold, evil little heart desires.  It can be knitting or crochet.  Hell, you can even weave if that's what floats yer boat
  • The project cannot have been started prior to July 1, 2013
  • You can enter as many projects as your idles hands can muster.
  • To be eligible for the prize(s), you must post a picture of the finished project in the appropriate Ravelry Thread.  If it a pair of something, both items must be pictured.  Don't be a-cheatin'.
  • If you're an over-achiever and complete more than one project, make a separate post for each project.
  • There will be a FO thread that is just for pictures of finished items.  No chatter please.
  • There will, however, be a chatter thread for you to wank in and post progress pictures as you go.
  • Please tag your projects with MGYCHAL1.  The "H" is for hoar.
  • You need to be a member of the MGYC Ravelry group to be eligible for the prize(s), however you DO NOT need to be a current member of the current club.  You can be a former MGYC member, or be someone in possession of some MGYC yarn that has been released out into the wild.
  • Prize(s) to be announced when I figure that part out.
I'll post more details, and links in later blog posts.  For now, this should get you started scheming.

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