Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Baroque'n Hooker

Oh, Captain Hook, who would have thought that under that dapper exterior lies the heart and soul of such a wonderfully vicious villain?  Is it your fault a band of rag-tag snot-nosed brats led by a flying imp named Peter Pan harry and harass you and your hard-working crew?  Not only have they turned all of Neverland against you, allying with villainous scum like Pixies and Mermaids, but they have the NERVE to start recruiting from a completely different realm entirely. 

This month's installment is dedicated to you!  100g./4oz. 560 yards of Dizzy Blonde Studios Superwash Sock dyed up in blood red, brazen orchid and deepest black. 

A handmade orange brandy-flavored lolly dipped in milk chocolate, a blood-red stitchmarker and a gorgeous silver clippy bookmark with a hand-felted clock face from Jelby round out the loot!  Yes, my friends, for those who weren't quite sure what that adorable "felted clock thingy" (your words, not mine) was, it's a bookmark.

Pattern Recommendations
Nina's Beaded Scarf by Lana Holden
Faded Lace Mitts by Meg Haines
Miya Shawl by Fatima Lasay
Breezy Shrug by Mimi Alelis
Piquant by Lily Go
Cushion Cover by Pierrot 
Metro Kerchief by Yuliya Tkacheva
Love Me Mary Jane Slipper Socks by Theresa Grant
Tennessee Twister by Daniela Richardson
Henslowe by Beth Kling
Lucille by Courtney Kelley

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