Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spy v. Spy


Cuban-born, Russian raised, Anna Espinosa was a cold-hearted assassin, the ruthless and persistent (and more intelligent) nemesis of Sydney Bristow, Alias' heroine.  She has it all: beauty, brains, keen fashion sense, and a twisted sense of humor. Is it any wonder why we love her?  Here's one more reason:  She's portrayed by Gina Torres.  Yup, that's right.   Zoe of our beloved Firefly/Serenity universe.  So what better way to kick off Episode 6, an episode dedicated to those awesome Mean Girls of TV adventure series?

The yarn is 280 yards/4 ounces of Dizzy Blonde Studios Dirty Blonde DK dyed up in tones of sunny gold, deep terra cotta and luscious chocolate.  

It's 100% superwash merino and oh-so squishy soft, unlike it's inspiration.

Also included in this shipment is a clippy magnifier and a card folder with highlighting strips and a 6-inch ruled edge...all things handy when it comes to pattern & chart reading.  The nom is a butter rum lollipop, celebrating Anna's Caribbean roots.

Pattern Recommendations

Copperline Mitts by Elizabeth Doherty
Cocoberry Cowl by Meilindis
Pumpkin Pie by Cello Knits
Baby Hoodie by Jen Farthing
Ginger Root by Sarah Gresbach
High Tide Shawlette by Amy Gundersen
Lucie Shawlette by Gabriella Henry
Button Up Cowl by Mon Petit Four
Seventeen Beauty Queen by Lisa Gentry

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