Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Save The Date

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That's when sign-ups begin! Have your credit cards ready!

Oh, and here: To prove we're not entirely mean, we've made you something.

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Help yourselves! Feel free to put them on your blog, in your Ravelry...wherever you'd like, just remember, no stealing our bandwidth!

And, some of you have have been astute enough to notice that we've got a little poll going on over there to the right. For those of you who haven't, guess what? WE'VE GOT A POLL GOING ON OVER THERE TO THE RIGHT! Go vote. I have, so you know that at least ONE of the answers is the correct one.


mehitabel said...

Major pimpage on my blog. Just saying, I've done it for the greater good of The Club and not for any thought of personal advantage or anything.


I stake my reputation as a Mean Girl on it!

Anonymous said...

You're killing me here - I can't wait!

KnittingReader said...

You made Lime and Violet! Wow!

KnottyLa said...

We haz friends in high (low) places!