Monday, April 19, 2010

Mean Girls on Lime & Violet Live!

Okay, this is a call-out to all you industrious hoars who've actually knitted stuff with your MGYC yarn, instead of just HOARding it to roll around in nekkid.

Thanks to MissLime & MissViolet, you not only can catch me pimping my yarns & designs this Wednesday, 7:30 EDT at the Facebook virtual stitch & bitch over at Lime & Violet Live, but you can help me LOADS by showing off the GORGEOUS things you've made from the MGYC yarn. The theme of this S&B is "Lace" so your amazing shawls would fit into the theme perfectly! (Yes, I'm looking at you Kim)

To strut your stuff all you need is a facebook account, webcam, microphone, and a little intestinal fortitude. (Mine comes in the form of a margarita). If you just want to watch, and I know some of you are into that sort of thing, you can still lurk. There's a chatroom feature where you can heckle me all you want.

In any case, it should prove to be lots of fun for everyone, so come on out!

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